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Halal Lifestyle Conference 2017

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Halal Lifestyle: Its Potential and Challenges

Lifestyle, refers to our everyday way of life that incorporates the different principles, values and standards of living we have delineated for our lives. Being halal-conscious and halal-savvy is actually the springboard to an optimal and cordial lifestyle-choice. The halal concept goes far beyond the food industry and applies to the daily lives of Muslims and non-Muslims.

Halal market worth more than USD 2.0 trillion is one of the most promising sub-sectors in the world today. With an estimated Muslim consumer of 1.8 billion, making up to one fourth of the world’s population, the demand for halal products and services is overwhelming. The expanding Muslim demographic creates an increasing demand for halal products and services. With that, more industry are quickly picking up on the trend, and tailoring their approach to reach the burgeoning market. 40% of the reported 1.8 billion are under the age of 25. Many of them represent the new Muslim consumers called "futurists" - the tech-savvy and self empowered individuals who are fully engaged with the world. (New-aged Muslims).

This conference sought to build momentum for collective innovation and solution to enhance the lifestyle of the consumers particularly the Muslim consumers; be it on food, health and beauty, finance, travel and hospitality, e-commerce, fashion and Islamic art and entertainment.

The objectives of the conference:
  • To introduce the latest development in the halal industry; to provide an international platform for the global halal community to discuss issues,trends and challenges related to the development of the global halal industry;
  • To enhance international networking and business relations amongst stakeholders with the intent to explore greater insights in the halal lifestyle;
  • To establish networks between halal communities through the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge.
Who should attend?
  • Government and Industry Leaders
  • Technocrats
  • Industry Experts
  • Manufacturers
  • Buyers
  • Researchers, academicians, graduate students
  • Stakeholders
  • Media
  • General public
  • HalalCompanies (MNCs/SMEs)
  • Government Departments/Agencies
  • Decision/Policy makers
  • Investors
  • Research Analysts
  • Senior Regulators
  • Trade Associations
  • Business Communities
  • Universities and Research Institutes