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10th Penang International Halal Conference 2019

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Halal Healthcare & Wellness - Towards Future Sustainability

Date : 2 March 2019, Saturday
Venue : Grand Ballroom, Olive Tree Hotel, Penang


Today's Muslims are more aware of what they eat and consume. Muslim consumers are more discerning on their purchases of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products; something which is in direct contact with human body. This paves the way for growth of the Halal pharmaceutical industry, worth US$83 billion in 2016. The Halal pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow eight percent year-on-year to reach US$132 billion by 2022. Within the Halal pharmaceutical sector, Halal nutraceuticals has been identified as a major growth segment that can experience rapid growth.

Consumers are now more knowledgeable and discerning as information on Halal and health matters are easily accessible on the internet. Moreover, Halal has become an important agenda for the government. These factors play a major role in developing the demand and market for Halal pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

Development in Halal sector generally will benefit both the industries and consumers. Halal certified products not only benefit Muslims but everyone as it's assured to be safe for consumption, hygienically processed and has quality standard of production & ingredients.

This conference sought to build the understanding and provide the latest information related to Halal Pharmaceutical and Healthcare and to discuss related issues in this sector.


  1. Wan Amir-Jeffery Wan Abdul Majid, Chief Operating Officer, CCM Duopharma Biotech Berhad
  2. Mrs. Sherene Azura Azli - CEO Malaysia Health Travel Council (MHTC)
  3. Brigadier General Dato' Dr. A Halim Hj Basari - Director of Pharmacy, Malaysian Armed Forces Headquarters
  4. Mr. Amrahi Buang - President, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society
  5. Prof. Dr. Zhari Ismail - School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia


The conference invites Directors, Group Leaders, Professors, Associate Professors, Lecturers, Research Associates, Scientists, Investigators, business delegates from Leading Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, Formulation Scientists, Medical Devices, Researchers, Health care professionals & NGOs.